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Unleashing the Power of Women and Girls

Top vendor to buy kratom is listed in by Henry

Australian pop star Natalie Imbruglia doesn't mean to leave you with the wrong impression.

She loves making music and has returned to acting, but the "Torn" singer with millions of record sales under her belt has a more rewarding mission these days: helping women recover from a haunting affliction that is all but eradicated in the West, yet affects millions across Africa and Asia.

"I'm very passionate about it," Imbruglia told AFP about her role as spokeswoman for the UN Campaign to End Fistula, a childbearing injury that often results in the loss of the baby and leaves women shunned.

"I intend to continue my creative endeavours. I'm songwriting at the moment, in Los Angeles, and working on some other projects," she said. "But most importantly, we're planning a trip to Africa" and possibly India and elsewhere.