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Blog From Natalie

Hi All,

Hope you are all well?

Just a short blog this time as I am just about to leave for a week's holiday before starting a very busy November and December.

Last Friday I had the great pleasure at performing at a charity event in London called Save-Jess-tival, which was to draw attention to the need for people to register for organ donation.

I met Jess Wales in January 2008, at a charity event to raise money for research into cystic fibrosis. Jess had already been waiting for a double lung transplant for over two years and I was deeply moved by her story. I told her to let me know if there was ever anything I could do to help. It was sad to learn that Jess is now so ill and running out of time waiting for her transplant and so was delighted to be asked to take part in a gig in honour of her and to raise awareness of organ donation.

The people involved with putting together the whole thing together were inspirational. The gig was organised by a team of people who have been personally affected by transplantation and the energy and passion they showed putting this together demonstrates the change that can be brought about by the gift of life that is organ donation.

Like her friends behind the gig, I would like to see Jess get her life-saving transplant in time and to help increase the chances of all those waiting.

If you are in the UK and would like to register for organ donation you can visit this link:

On Saturday morning we were straight off to Agadir in Morocco to film a couple of songs at a concert for tolerance which was being filmed for M6 in France (broadcast in Nov I think!). The journey was a bit of a nightmare as we had to fly via Paris and change airports, which would have been bad enough but Orly was closed due to a strike and we had to go back to CDG taking about 4 hours longer than planned! Despite that we had a great time, and I even had some time on the beach on Sunday.

I need to go now, as I am just about to board my plane for a week off, lots of exciting things happening in November when I will be travelling all over Europe on promotion including performing on X Factor in Italy were I will also be a guest judge for the episode. Can't wait!

Nat x

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